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Elevate Your Look With A Headpiece

It is not an easy task to coordinate outfits whenever we are going out for a brunch with friends, night out with the girls or to an event which requires a certain look.

There’s fine line between looking over dressed » CONTINUE READING

Make Your Beauty Regimen Simple and Natural

You have to be careful with everything you are putting in your body and on your skin these days. Products are not what they used to be. Your well being is not always the priority for many skincare companies. But » CONTINUE READING

How to revamp your bedroom on a budget

We all know about the principles of feng shui that focus on placement of things in your living space which affects our mental and physical states. Its not a coincidence that there’s also a billion dollar decorating industry in the » CONTINUE READING

Packing And Moving Doesn’t Have To Be Awful

I have been moving a lot in the last year. And even though I have moved before and I am familiar with the whole shebang, I just recently realized how much I despise it. And I am putting it lightly.» CONTINUE READING

Make a Statement in the Design of Your Home

We all want to make a statement. Whether its through fashion or decor of our abode. Its really easy to change the whole feel of your home just by adding a small accessory that has a purpose and history behind » CONTINUE READING

Job Interview Manicure

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


Nails that are going to land you a job.

  1. Go Short
  2. Pick classic colors

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