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How to Make Your Gifts Memorable

Holidays are coming up. And its a gift giving season. We are getting ready to go shopping for friends and family. Its not only really stressful to go Christmas shopping but we usually spend a lot of money on the » CONTINUE READING

How to revamp your bedroom on a budget

We all know about the principles¬†of feng shui that focus on placement of things in your living space which¬†affects our mental and physical states. Its not a coincidence that there’s also a billion dollar decorating industry in the » CONTINUE READING

Packing And Moving Doesn’t Have To Be Awful

I have been moving a lot in the last year. And even though I have moved before and I am familiar with the whole shebang, I just recently realized how much I despise it. And I am putting it lightly.» CONTINUE READING

Make a Statement in the Design of Your Home

We all want to make a statement. Whether its through fashion or decor of our abode. Its really easy to change the whole feel of your home just by adding a small accessory that has a purpose and history behind » CONTINUE READING

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