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Elevate Your Fall and Winter Outfits

Fall and winter are my favorite fashion seasons. I mean, you can do so much with your outfits this time of year, it’s truly inspiring.

This seasons I have noticed some great trends. But as a lazy dresser I usually » CONTINUE READING

Fall and Winter Outfit Ideas

Fall and winter season is my favorite time of year for fashion. Starting October your outfits can speak volumes about you and even effect your emotional well being.

It is a start of the season when you are going to » CONTINUE READING

Rules to Wear A Choker

I’m sure you’ve noticed that chokers have made a big come back. They are trending like no other style and I love them.

There are so many varieties of them to chose from. There are velvet, rhinestone, leather. And I » CONTINUE READING

Outfits to Make an Impression

Imagine a black and white world. Kind of like the old movies we catch ourselves watching once a year. What would it feel like to interact with the world like that?

We don’t realize the importance of colors, patterns and » CONTINUE READING

Elevate Your Look With A Headpiece

It is not an easy task to coordinate outfits whenever we are going out for a brunch with friends, night out with the girls or to an event which requires a certain look.

There’s fine line between looking over dressed » CONTINUE READING

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