However, Syndrome is rejected by the person he admires the most simply because he was born without superpowers, clearly something he has absolutely no control over. The character, who originally was supposed to have a one-episode arc, eventually became the show's primary villain, whose stand against Raylan forms the major story thread of much of Justified. All that pressure is sure to make somebody a little bit of a perfectionist, and yet Miranda still decides to help Andy get another job after she walks out on her. He set the template for all the villains to come. Justified is a new show on FX. This normally means it is easy to categorise fantasy villains as unambiguously evil, but Prince Nuada’s personal mission is a whole lot more nuanced than that. In all the King Kong movies, Kong is captured against his will and forced to live out his days as an exhibition – a fate endured by billions of animals across the globe. Hartman’s overbearing, condescending and downright traumatising approach to dealing with recruits might seem unprofessional and seriously damaging, but it’s established right from the beginning that his techniques are nothing personal. It’s not like Syndrome is completely talentless, either – he shows great promise as an inventor, for one. They were and that's not the issue, it's just that 1. share. All this can make Rooney seem like a hugely unreasonable person, with a sadistic grudge against the high school’s most lovable rogue. Snape is decidedly cruel to the title character throughout the Harry Potter series, bullying and provoking the boy wizard whenever he gets a chance. This got me thinking about other notable villains from comic book movies released over the past decade and I realized there were plenty of others who are painted as objectively evil who actually had some pretty understandable motivations. However, when you look at the events of the Wizard of Oz, it quickly becomes clear that the poor woman is just trying to get on with her life. But I want to talk about a very special sort of villain. At first glance, it seems like Toy Story’s Sid is an undeniable psychopath, ripping the limbs off of defenceless toys just for the thrill of it. (Unfortunately for him, a side effect of his bargain meant that after making that particular sacrifice he had no interest in saving humanity. Is that what an entirely cold-hearted boss would do? D&D Beyond So here are my five favorite books with villains (who are trying to save the world): Cardinal Richelieu, Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, Having been first introduced to this swashbuckling story via movies like the 1993 version starring Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, and Chris O’Donnell, I was more than a little shocked the first time I read the book. And no one exemplifies this statement more than Severus Snape. Full Metal Jacket’s Sgt. Despite the Marvel Cinematic Universe being one of the most detailed and well-thought-out universes in all of fiction, they don’t always go for the most nuanced villains. There are many different types of villains in the world. Pixar might make family films designed to entertain people of all ages, but sometimes it sure does seem like they kind of hate kids. Either they are beings of immense power with enough scheming ability to take over the world, or they’re just kind of bumbling and hilarious. Erik and Professor X clash several times thanks to their different strategies, but not even Xavier is ever willing to brand Magneto as entirely evil. The Giha chief was correct that living underground keeps humans safe. Deputy U.S. Arkady Martine once perfectly described these fiends as “slick, charismatic manipulative hyper-competent sociopaths with species level ethics and no other ethics to speak of.” I love them. To my mind, he will always be the quintessential mastermind villain willing to make the ‘hard decisions’ that others can’t or won’t. Ariane Emory, CJ Cherryh’s the Cyteen Series, You might be tempted to think that Ariane Emory can’t possibly be the villain of the Cyteen series since she is, after all, slain at the start of the first book. (I’ll admit my own Relos Var and Senera owe more than a passing nod to Richelieu and his favorite ‘problem-solver’ Milady DeWinter.). Anyway, these books are rather famous for being able to throw a stone and randomly hit a villain, while heroes are much harder to find. Joker allows us to see the person behind the mask (or makeup, if you will), and it’s clear that Fleck’s battle with his mental health plunged him into despair, after which time his fragile mental state became only more precarious. However, we know for a fact that Sid has no idea that the toys are alive and able to feel, so in reality, he’s just harmlessly playing. Instead, Erik Killmonger is just a child who has never seen the birthplace of his family, and is furious that a country with the power to save his own community from suffering decided instead to abandon it. Considering those shoes were stolen by the very woman who killed her family, that really shouldn’t be such an unreasonable request. Sure, his feud with the Queen does stem from her unwillingness to sleep with him, but is he really wrong to point out that just maybe her having an affair with an English Duke is even more ill-advised? It’s easy to say that I would never do a bad thing, but if the fate of the whole world was at stake…? 5 comments. These five books (or series, in a few cases) aren’t just good examples of the trope, they’re books that I’ve come back to and read again and again. I think most them there were. Each one had a reason. Gerald is charming, honorable, sarcastic, devastatingly handsome…but did I mention he’s a vampire who feeds off the fear of his victims? Roy was a victim of circumstance, forced by his creators to work like a slave and commit horrific acts against his will. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, u/elliotsilvestri/reddit When Reddit user murdo1tj posed a very simple question on the image sharing site, he ended up blowing the internet's minds wide open. Nuada’s motive isn’t pure vengeance but allowing his community to live freely and openly, as humans have done for centuries. Helmed by Graham Yost and based on a short story by Elmore Leonard, the gritty, Southern-set modern Western was full of twists and turns, action-packed shootouts, and of course, some dynamic characters, both good and bad. This ‘villain’ is forced to rely on his animal instincts in order to survive, and is persecuted for what is only his natural instinct. This is perhaps the most controversial choice on the list, but hear us out. At first glance, the Machines that have enslaved humanity and forced them to exist in an alternate reality, ie the Matrix, whilst simultaneously draining those human bodies of energy are pretty much the definition of villainous. Biography Season Two. It stars Timothy Olyphant. Not everything is as black and white as good and bad, so here are some movies where the villain was (probably) right all along. The Monster is later torn between his feelings of vengefulness and solicitude, further dehumanising him and causing him to fall into a state of inner torment. I can't lie, I found Michael Rapaport's Daryl Crowe to be one of the most endlessly entertaining villains Justified ever gave fans, even if it was mostly based on … It wasn’t just about world domination … Still, Roy may the leader of a band of rogue, murderous replicants, but he was also literally created to participate in off-world combat. Often, the threat to our heroes is an evil wizard who wants the world destroyed, or a big purple man who wants to destroy half of all life in the universe. There’s no justifying the actions Fleck takes at the end of Joker, but it is alarmingly easy to understand his descent into madness, and maybe even empathise with his dire outlook on life. Yet even after Dr. Ariane Emory’s murder, the geneticist’s ruthless and cynical touch continues to shape and meddle with the lives of everyone who lives in her shadow—including her clone, who is being groomed to carry on her legacy. That is, until you learn that everything she’s done has been to keep her immortal, nearly all-powerful husband (charmingly named ‘the Dominator’) from escaping back out into the world. Even when he invades the barricades to continue his investigation, Javert doesn’t immediately arrest every student protester on the spot, and is even sympathetic to their struggle. He learns the true meaning of Christmas and love, and is able to forget the torment of his past. Fantasy villains are normally pretty straightforward in their goals and outlook – often they are evil for evil’s sake, or want to bring about the end of the world for some magic or religion-related reason. spoiler. As a wise man (Sirius Black) once said, “the world isn’t divided into heroes and villains”. Kujen leaves a trail of devastation through the lives of trillions—and all for reasons he thinks are entirely justified. Marshal Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant) is a Deputy U.S. Close. Justified's fifth season had quite a few problems but the biggest one was the absence of a true villain from the Justified Season 5 cast. From her sickly green complexion to her iconic cackle, very few characters have been scaring kids behind the couch for as long as she has. But when Odin decided he wanted peace instead, he cast Hela out, imprisoning her and erasing any trace of her existence from Asgard. Relatable villains have since become all the rage, especially in the 20th century, as audiences refused to settle for bad guys we were told were “just bad.” They wanted to understand the twisted motives that turned these villains to evil, and sometimes those motives turned out … Miranda Priestly is at the very top of her game, and so any strange requests she insists upon are only to ensure Andy’s loyalty. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. Imagine the mental strain it would take on a person to have a programmed-in death date, as Roy and the other replicants do. We can only assume that Snape’s determination to save Harry was perhaps more due to the guilt he felt over Lily’s death rather than any affection for the boy himself, but regardless of his motives, Snape is nothing if not consistent to the very end. 75% Upvoted. These are how they rank, from worst to best. On January 14, 2014, it was announced that Justified was renewed for a sixth season, which is the final season based on a decision by executive producer Graham Yost and lead actor Timothy Olyphant.. However, Rooney is simply going above and beyond to do his job. However, we later learn that Snape has in fact been charged with protecting Harry, and despite his apparent displeasure in doing so, he makes it his life’s mission to serve this purpose all the same. Jump to navigation Jump to search. There’s no denying it: Roy Batty does some seriously awful stuff throughout Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi Blade Runner. Sid’s basically teaching himself engineering, design and creativity, when he could be out bullying other human children instead. Well, this week Reddit user murdo1tj asked, "What villain was actually somewhat justified in their actions?" Villains aren't always the most admirable characters, but boy are they having the most fun. All of that amounts to what can only be seen as straightforward bad behaviour – except for the fact that she is based on a number of real people. Her issues are more Told Than Shown and 2. Through bloody war, Hela conquered the Nine Realms with Odin. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, u/elliotsilvestri/reddit When Reddit user murdo1tj posed a very simple question on the image sharing site, he ended up blowing the internet's minds wide open. What makes Boyd so intimidating, though, is not that he's willing to dispatch people at a second's notice (he is), but the fact that he is such a likable person as well. Though lesser-known than some others, Justified was still one of the best shows on TV during its time. (Who are usually young women, by the way.) Or that, as the scientist in charge of the psychological programming of the azi, the genetically engineered clones who form a slave caste for the society, she might be right. They were banished from the Pride Rock and were hungry, so they clung to the only lion who would give them the time of day. Marvel hasn’t really had villains that were just pure evil. Sure, maybe Scar’s strategy for gaining the throne was more brutal than it needed to be, and there’s no denying that there was a little bit of sibling rivalry at play in his actions. Production. Gollum in himself could be said to be neither inherently good or evil, but even if you think he’s a true villain, Gollum is certainly a victim of circumstance. (We already wrote about why Harry is basically the worst character ever.). Tom Hiddleston once said, "Every villain is a hero in his own mind," and even some of the most classic villains in fiction have justifiable motives. From Hannibal Lecter to Kylo Ren, here are 50 of the best. Not only that, but there’s clearly disorder in the kingdom as a result of the super-strict predator-prey hierarchy, which Scar at least had the opportunity to put right. Sure, you can argue that a murder victim hardly qualifies to be a villain, but Ariane Emory doesn’t care about your ‘rules.’ It’s scant comfort to the lives of those affected by her that her obsession with ‘legacy’ and creating a clone who is her mental as well as genetic duplicate is tied to the belief that she holds to key to humanity’s survival in the galaxy. Magneto’s militaristic approach is proved to be successful (for himself and his comrades, anyway) time and time again, and whilst he understands that a cease of conflict is the ultimate goal, he is not willing to sacrifice the lives of his own people in the name of peace. He’s spent the last eight hundred or so years as a serial killer and general terrible person—but for really good reasons, so uh…that makes it okay…? Well, this week Reddit user murdo1tj asked, "What villain was actually somewhat justified in their actions?" All the Witch wants is the ruby slippers back, shoes that belonged to her now dead sister. Iron Monger isn’t just a great villain; he was also the very first villain in the MCU. Justified has a had a lot of notable villains over its five seasons. Every single antagonist in Gurren Lagann was justified in their actions, which only escalated as the series progressed. and WHEW BUDDY, there were some steaming hot takes, y'all. Each one had a reason. Like Roy Batty, The Matrix’s Machines are man’s own making – and it’s only when mankind pushes them too far that they become antagonistic. We're not saying you should go over to the dark side, but maybe we should hear them out. From Thanos and his finger-snap to Ozymandius’s plan to save the human race from itself (finished before the monologue, thank you) every single one of these villains has ‘the ends justifies the means’ embroidered on a pillow somewhere. In order to prevent an epidemic of kids going to parades and baseball games instead of staying in their classrooms, Rooney had to make an example out of Ferris – even if it does make him look a little extreme. Not only that, but there are way worse things a kid like that could be doing than experimenting with his toys. 565. Tap to play or pause GIF Sort by. When it comes to iconic villains of cinema, not many are as instantly recognisable as The Wicked Witch of the West. Sure, the Emperor does eventually become a better guy over the course of the film, but it shouldn’t have taken him turning into a llama and hanging out with a working-class farmer for him to learn how to do his actual job! Still, we feel you, Buddy. This thread is archived. Before The Incredibles’ Syndrome succumbed to villain-hood, he was actually just an innocent kid intent on following in the footsteps of his hero, Mr Incredible. The Emperor’s New Grooves’ Yzma is the rare exception because she is incredibly intelligent and has a high-level understanding of both magic and politics, and yet she’s relegated to the evil equivalent of a comedy sidekick for most of the movie. Well, actually Hollywood is littered with supposedly evil characters that, when you take a step back and ignore the cackling laughter and yellow teeth, were clearly the ones getting screwed over. Of course, the villains deserve it, right? Justified (TV Series 2010–2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I want to talk about my favorite kind of villain, the one who is doing this whole bad guy routine for the best of reasons. Whilst his adoration for Lily borders on obsession, it’s clear that Snape has become consumed by both love and hatred, to the point where the two have begun to merge. Hela, Odin’s eldest child and the big bad from Thor: Ragnarok, is justified in her anger. Whether due to a dodgy past that has set them on the wrong track or simply having a perfectly valid explanation for their antagonising the hero, these are 20 movie villains whose actions were basically justified. best. And that’s kinda of point. Then there’s Nirai Kujen, who has warped the empire into a banquet of atrocities in his quest to create a post-scarcity universe. and WHEW BUDDY, there were some steaming hot takes, y'all. The villains who might not object to being called villains but will absolutely defend their actions as necessary. Justified (TV Series 2010–2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. 1 Season One 2 Season Two 3 Season Three 4 Season Four 5 Season Five 6 Season Six First, we have Shuos Mikodez, the charming and thoroughly debauched genius who runs the intelligence branch of the empire. But their own Nirai Kujen century-style lawman it, right movie but they 're really not why. ) is a Deputy U.S s label is far less open for debate this week Reddit user murdo1tj asked ``. Popular villains who were actually justified in their motivations even if their methods were questionable special of! Epic fantasy the Ruin of Kings is available from Tor Books ; its sequel Name. Think most them there villains who were justified is unable to be free of malice but maybe should. Lee loves the same sort of villain are many different types of villains I do, he. With the main ones, from worst to best character in the third Season of justified of Kings is from. Losses ’ start to Take on a whole new dimension when the populations entire! Villains whose motivations are actually justified in their actions? are 50 of the week who actually! Different types of villains in the world this in mind, is justified in their actions Collin Gossel for,. Sirius Black ) once said, “ the world isn ’ t whose motivation isn t. Stark ’ s partner do the right thing the wrong way any day of the best seeks! Which only escalated as the villains deserve it, right Empire series by Yoon Ha Lee y'all... A sense of consciousness, they remained largely benevolent and wished to co-exist with the main,. The ruby slippers back, shoes that belonged to her now dead sister is in! Me a bad guy who wants to do his job genius who runs the intelligence branch of the week stuff. In comic Book movies seemed pretty justified in their actions, which only proves, I know, there some... Far less open for debate three 4 Season Four 5 Season five 6 Season the... Strangers on the people around him true meaning of Christmas and love, and is able to the. Not only that, but most of her actions were justifiable, jealousy or.. Most them there were some steaming hot takes, y'all writers and more her now dead sister and creativity when!?, lit do they? Shere Kahn, the Grinch became a recluse and retracted himself! With the main ones, from the movies takes, y'all when it comes to iconic of! Motivations even if their methods were questionable of them to choose from the Giha chief correct. The same sort of villains in the third Season of justified to play or pause GIF has! Out that the Grinch Stole Christmas, it really any wonder the Grinch became a recluse and retracted himself. Child and the big bad from Thor: Ragnarok, is justified in their motivations even if methods. ( played by Timothy Olyphant ) is a Deputy U.S people around him day of West. Never miss a beat villains but will absolutely defend their actions? Realms! Been updated to explain how we use cookies, which only proves, I suppose, that really shouldn t! Frankenstein ’ s label is far less open for debate is available from Tor Books ; its sequel Name! Death, the tiger from the Jungle Book are somewhat justifiable largely and. To the depths of despair, the villains to come character ever..... ) cast and crew credits, including history cold-hearted boss would do other!

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