Fall and winter are my favorite fashion seasons. I mean, you can do so much with your outfits this time of year, it’s truly inspiring.

This seasons I have noticed some great trends. But as a lazy dresser I usually like to pay attention to pieces that will make a difference without much effort.

For example, I pick out pieces from the runways that will enhance my outfit in an instant without me having to spend hours picking out every piece.

Colors to choose from

My favorite colors this season are deep browns, olive and rust. These colors are truly earthy and calming but also extremely chic. They exude the air of trustworthiness and tranquility.

How to take your outfit to another level

Valentino, Gucci and Alexander McQueen used a lot of ethnic and folk patterns in their shows this season. And its always worth it to learn it from the best. If you want to add a certain oomph to your style definitely look for these patterns.

I like taking this trend and adding it to my style in the form of accessories. I think they have so much character that for us layman, it might be difficult to pull them off in our everyday outfits. But as accessories they are subtle yet chic. Adding this trend to your style as accessories will completely transform your outfit while adding depth and uniqueness to your look.


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