Fall and winter season is my favorite time of year for fashion. Starting October your outfits can speak volumes about you and even effect your emotional well being.

It is a start of the season when you are going to need a lot of different type of accessories in the form of hats, scarves, gloves etc. Its the time to really express yourself through your style.

In fall and winter months colors and textures are extremely important.

Colors are a great way to express yourself without really saying anything. They can trigger emotional response in others around you without them evening noticing. That’s why paying attention to colors this season can make a great difference in your relationships, foreshadow events and give emotion to any setting.

Let’s say you are going to an interview or meeting someone for a date, the colors you are donning can say more about you than yourself. Not only that, but the colors and textures you are wearing can affect the feelings and attitude of the person you are interacting with.

You need to start by thinking about what you want to communicate with the colors you are wearing even before you put them on.

Think about reactions you want to trigger.

What is the mood you want to create?

One of the main reasons I love fall and winter months is because fall and winter usually is associated with neutral colors that are abundant in nature. These colors can represent wholesomeness, purity and reliability.

Focus on colors like rich browns and shades of green that can have a pleasing effect on people.

Match them with colors that go with anything: black and white.

White is usually associated with purity and black with formality and mystery.

If you want to evoke these emotions yet look chic and trendy, focus on mixing earthy, natural colors with either black or white.

Textures that are great to evoke pleasurable feelings within yourself and others. They can create dimension and unique character.

Focus on natural fabrics and textures like wool and cotton. They are not only great for your skin but they also affect your mood, make you less anxious and stressed.

According to many studies there is a strong link between textiles and emotional responses.

Mainly because of our ancestors that associated certain fabrics and textures with your survival.

For instance, if you are wearing soft, natural fabrics and textures your brain will associate them with the feelings of warmth and pleasure. As opposed to synthetic materials that might stimulate different responses.

If you want to tell a story with your style, fall and winter is a perfect time to do that.

Look elegant and sophisticated, yet confident and calm with the clothes you are wearing. It’s the perfect time to express yourself without words.


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