Recently I have been trying to be minimalistic when it comes to beauty, skincare and even fashion.

First I started by going through all of the products I have on my shelves to see what I use every day, ones I haven’t touched in weeks and the ones I can’t live without.

I tried to reduce my list to final 7 items but honestly no matter how much I mulled over it I could only slash them down to 10 final products that are absolutely essential to my daily or weekly routine.

Now, I didn’t include a cleansers that I use every day on this list. Only because I like to change my cleansers every once in a while. It keeps my skin on its toes, so to speak 🙂

These are the amazing products that I use almost every day if not every day.

1. Chanel toner

2. Vitamin C serum by m-61

3. Kiehl’s skin salve

4. Kiehl’s mineral sunscreen

5. Anastasia brow pencil

6. Tom Ford eye liner

7. Lancôme eye makeup remover

8. Christian Louboutin nail polish

9. Bumble and bumble hair powder

10. Valentino perfume


The first product on the list is my all time favorite toner. Now, you might be wondering if it’s even necessary to use a toner. Maybe people opt out of using them because they find them to be an extra step in a skincare routine that they can do without.

But truly, I love toners mainly because of my pores. I suffer from large ones that get clogged easily. And I end up with acne or blackheads. It’s never a good feeling. But Chanel toner is great because it’s not harsh. And it adds an extra layer of protection to my skin. Most of the other toners I have tried dried my face out and I had to slather on layers of heavy moisturizer to balance it out. But good toner is supposed to be a humectant which basically means that it should help bind moisture to the skin. Chanel toner definitely has done that for me. That’s why I continue using it on a daily basis.


The second product is my vitamin c serum by m-61. This is the company is recently became familiar with. And I love their products because they are gluten free. And being allergic to gluten it was very important to me. Not only that but their products are 100% paraben and fragrance free. Which is what you should always look for when it comes to skincare.


Throughout the day all of our skin gets irritated because of the pollution, dust and the sun. Our skins is desperately trying to rejuvenate and defend itself against these factors. But if you can give it a little boost it will definitely thank you for it. I do that with my skin valve by Kiehl’s. It has tiger herb and aloe vera which I absolutely adore because it has saved my skin.


The next product is Kiehl’s sunscreen. I really love this product because it is SPF 50, BUT it doesn’t feel like it. Its totally matte when you put it on. And it has a slight tint which I use daily without a foundation. Its also great because its 100% mineral based.


Anastasia brow pencil is my favorite because it looks very natural. And product that gives a natural look is something I am going to try. It’s great if you want to just give your brows a little definition without overly filling them.


Tom Ford is one of my absolute favorite designers. In my eyes he can do no wrong. But my favorite makeup product of his is the eyeliner. I like it because you can just feel the quality when you put it on. It’s definitely a makeup product I cannot go without. It’s also dual ended. So if I want something dramatic or something natural I can just use this one item.


Lancôme eye makeup remover is something I have used for years. And I am very happy with it. I don’t think I will ever switch this item for anything else mainly because it’s gentle and will pretty much take off any mascara waterproof or not.


If I could pick one thing that doesn’t last on me it’s a nail polish. Now I am a nails girl, granted I am a natural nails girl. I think if your hands look polished and elegant it says a lot about you. Which is a sore spot for me because I pick my cuticles a lot and have to reapply my nail polish every few days. For years I have been going through ton of nail polishes and there hasn’t been a favorite one until Christian Louboutin came out with their line. Now it’s true the price of the polish is quiet pricy but I have to say if you compare quality and longevity and if you use as much nail polish as me you’ll find that it’s really worth it. One bottle of this polish have lasted me at least double of what I have been paying for cheaper brands. Also the colors of this brand are absolutely stunning.


Now, most of us don’t like washing our hair every day. But when I skip a hair wash for even one day I suffer from greasy roots. It’s horrible if you are going out and your hair is flat as fritter. My remedy has been bumble and bumble hair powder to give it a lift. It has a really great matte finish that I love and it gives instant fullness to my hair.


Valentino perfume: I believe perfume is an ultimate luxury item. It makes you feel confident and beautiful. I am one of those girls who cannot leave to house without a spritz of my favorite perfume. Just looking at the bottle of my Valentino gives me confidence and just boosts my mood. It’s super feminine and I wear it every single day.

So that’s that. These are my every day products that I absolutely love. And you should give them a try if you so wish. xxx

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