Holidays are coming up. And its a gift giving season. We are getting ready to go shopping for friends and family. Its not only really stressful to go Christmas shopping but we usually spend a lot of money on the gifts. Regardless, we want them to be special.

Gift giving is stressful in general no matter how close you are to your family member or friend. Because no matter how expensive the actually give is you’re never too sure if the other person is going to truly love your pick that you spent so much time choosing for them. So, is there a way to ‘wow’ the people with the gift you will be getting them without breaking the bank?

And how can we make an impression with our gifts this season?


Yes, there is a great way to make your gifts memorable and…its all about a presentation. The first impression of your gift is extremely important. No matter how big or small the actual items are going to be. The most important part of gift giving is its delivery and arrangement.

Why is presentation of your gift important?

People make quick judgements based on our sensory input and are instantly attracted to aesthetically pleasing objects, while rejecting the ones that are unappealing. That’s why no matter how thoughtful your gift is, if your presentation is not appealing it will affect the emotions of the receiver and how much they’re going to love the actual gift.

Design has one of biggest impacts on our emotions.

Our presentation adds great value to the gift. And that in turn affects our relationships, thoughts and behavior. We cannot really chose how manufacturer made a particular product you are gifting but we can choose the exterior aesthetics of it to make an impression.

If you put a lot of thought on the presentation of your gift then, it will speak to your personality, your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

Be creative with your gifts.

When you are purchasing a gift for someone there is usually one thought goes into it: ‘will this gift be useful for the person I am getting it for?’ Most of the time, the answer is ‘we are not sure’. You don’t have a lot of control over how much the other person will like your gift.  But you have a choice on how to present the item. You can be as creative as  you want on the design and presentation of your presents.

Try to get small, inexpensive but necessary items. And focus on their presentation.

Think about the color of the wrapping paper or a gift basket. What other aesthetically pleasing or personal items you can attach to your gift to make it emotionally pleasing?

One of my friends loves color pink. So, whenever I am wrapping a gift for her I usually choose pink wrapping paper or glue pink flowers on any wrapping paper that I have at hand. It makes me really happy that every time, she gushes about how much she loves my gifts.

How to make your gift presentation budget friendly?

If you want to make your gift personal but you are having trouble with DIY gifts, then focus on DIY gift wrapping. Its much simpler and more fun to do than making the actual gift. It will also be very personal and memorable for your giftee.

All you need is glue gun, few decorative items (that you can get from a dollar store or from Amazon) and a simple basket or a gift box.

Here are some of the items you might need to make your gifts amazing.

Christmas DIY gift baskets for under $25

You can your presentation special by adding personal notes in a garland form or gluing them on your gift box.

Decorate your gift basket or box for under $15

There you have it. Enjoy the upcoming gift giving season with my tips on how to make them memorable.

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