It is not an easy task to coordinate outfits whenever we are going out for a brunch with friends, night out with the girls or to an event which requires a certain look.

There’s fine line between looking over dressed or overly demure. As women we want to turn heads when we step outside, yet look sophisticated and effortless.

There’s a way to achieve that without breaking the bank.

How to Coordinate Your Outfit (for any occasion)

Start by designing the substructure of your outfit. That means picking neutral pieces for your top and bottom. At least one of those pieces should be free of patterns and prints.

Think of your outfit as a painting. As with any work of art, it should start with stable and neutral canvas. That entails neutral colors and pastels; fabrics like cotton, silk or satin are also perfectly suitable when you are going for an effortlessly chic look.

You can start with white or grey, satin or silk blouse and match it with simple jeans for your foundation.

How to Elevate Your Outfit

Once you have the structure of your outfit established you need to pick an item to elevate your look. For that pick a piece to set you apart from others without drawing too much attention.

There are many ways to choose those pieces. Lately, one of my absolute favorites have been unique headpieces.

Headpiece is not something we automatically think of  when we choose our accessories. But you can truly look stunning and really elevate your outfit with a simple accessory like a unique headpiece.

You will turn heads of not only men but also other women if you choose a piece that will draw enough attention without looking too dressed up.

Here are my favorite headpieces to add to my outfits.

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