Imagine a black and white world. Kind of like the old movies we catch ourselves watching once a year. What would it feel like to interact with the world like that?

We don’t realize the importance of colors, patterns and shapes we use on ourselves until we deliberately become conscious of them and see that even the smallest detail has an enormous effect on the sense of perception.

Why Bother?

We think we make impact mostly with our words in our daily lives. But the reality is the most impact we make is outside of words. It is with our body language and our use of colors and patterns that says more about us than anything else.

Most knowledge people gather from us are through these clues that we hold. Even the smallest detail matters.

Where do you usually want to make the biggest impact? I can think of a job interview, gathering with friends, making a presentation or eve going out with colleagues.

You want to make an impression on people around you, whatever that may be. In order to make the right impression pay attention to having four main pieces.

1. Dark Bottom

2. Neutral Top

3. Contrasting staple piece

4. Bright, colorful accessory

Night Out

For a night out choose a dark jean and pair it with a pastel colored tee.

To make a statement pick a jacket that will contrast the neutral top and casually elegant jeans with its staple fabric. For example, go for leather or suede to bring stability to your outfit.

As an accessory opt for a colorful scarf for cold months. On summer time, you can swap the scarf for a statement necklace or a headpiece.

Professional Outing

For a professional setting, follow the same rule just swap one or two of the fabrics to something more appropriate. Say, change denim to broadcloth slacks, cotton tee to a silk blouse, leather to a twill.

In your outfit every detail speaks volumes about you. Subconsciously these details are detected by the people who matter and they make an impression. These attributes are constantly being processed and analyzed every time you are interacting with people around you.

Styling Bottoms

Demure, dark colored bottom says that you are grounded, trustworthy and responsible. So, people will be more open to discuss things with you and will feel comfortable being honest in most situations.

If you were to pair the dark bottoms with a dark top, it would be overwhelming for people around you and send a signal that you might be trying to cover or conceal something. It doesn’t bring a lot of confidence.

Styling Tops

But when you pair a solid dark bottoms with neutral, pastel colored top, it will give an impression of tranquility and intelligence. It will also bring balance to your look. Its not a coincidence that people naturally like symmetry and equilibrium in their life. Having an outfit that embodies it, will definitely be in your favor.

Staple Pieces

People also like stability. So, when you add a contrasting piece to your outfit, it will give an impression of depth and solidity. When looking for that foundational piece I like to focus on fabrics and cut rather than colors. For example, best staple fabrics are leather, wool, buckram, tweed, suede, melton, velvet or velour. Those could be in the form of a jackets or shoes.

Impression of Mystery

When styling your outfit you don’t want to be an open book either. You want to give an impression of being one of a kind.

Coco Chanel once said “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”People like to be surprised and pulled in. It prevents them from being bored and wanting to learn more about you.

To achieve the air of mystery and interest use your accessories. If you put together an outfit that looks elegant and sophisticated, you can experiment with accessories. Focus on colors and shapes when picking accessories. Go for pieces that are unique. For example, novel headpieces, gold bracelets or colorful earrings.

Focus on these colors when choosing your accessories: olive, turquoise, maroon, teal, plum, cornflower blue, steel blue, sea green, coral, sienna and gold.

Style is an art of construction. If you remember to pay attention to the pieces, colors and fabrics in your design, you will nail your outfit for any occasion.




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