I have been moving a lot in the last year. And even though I have moved before and I am familiar with the whole shebang, I just recently realized how much I despise it. And I am putting it lightly.

While thinking how much I procrastinate every time, when it comes to packing and moving without losing my mind, I actually came up with few solutions that have helped me with the process and made it more than bearable. It actually made it enjoyable.

I realized that there are few ground rules when it comes to packing and moving.

  1. Great music
  2. White trash bags
  3. Colorful stickers

Of course, we also need some supplementary items depending on the quantity and type of the things you will be moving like boxes, packing peanuts, duct tape, bubble cushion, dish dividers etc.

But I always start by putting on great music. Creating a non dreadful atmosphere is key when you are packing to move. Don’t forgo this, just because you think its too silly or tacky. Trust me it will really make the whole process easy on you.

After you have your music in the background, you have to think about the process.

I usually start with my closet. I mean thats the most important part of my house.

I like to pack my clothes according to season. I put warm clothes in one pile, summer clothes in other and the ones in between in yet another pile. Then, I separate them by delicacy. I pay attention if the clothes are going to wrinkle or if I’m okay with a little creasing. But I found that the easiest way to pack clothes and avoid most wrinkling is by rolling them. I roll all my clothes and put them in trash bags. That way they will be wrinkle free and perfectly guarded against spillage, abrasions or lacerations. After that I put them in designated boxes.

Then I move to my kitchen.

In the kitchen I like to use dish packing kits. Most of them have little pouches and compartments for plates to protect them. The rest of the things in the kitchen I separate by putting them in trash bags and stuffing with packing peanuts. It will be quick, easy and won’t cost you too much for packing supplies.

For electronics, mirrors and fragile items there are special cartons that keep them safe and use less space. If you don’t feel like purchasing separate cartons for them, the best way to keep them safe is by using bubble wraps. And put them in between rolled up clothes.

The rest of your home will be easy if you just use the tools I mentioned. Focus on getting a large box of trash bags from Costco, duct tape and packing peanuts and you’re set.

Make sure you put labels and fun stickers on your boxes to extend the fun atmosphere.

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