We all know about the principles of feng shui that focus on placement of things in your living space which affects our mental and physical states. Its not a coincidence that there’s also a billion dollar decorating industry in the US alone. Art of feng shui deals with energies around the things that we come in contact with every day.

Have you ever felt like in a rut and every passing day your energy seems to drain while you’re doing the same routine over and over?  But try as hard as you might you cannot put a finger on what it is that is bothering you. Well, if you are in the place then you can either spend hundreds of dollars on therapy or you can try the art of feng shui. I have personally tried it and trust me it works.

All feng shui really is just improving the vibe of your environment by rearranging and redecorating you space.

Feng shui focuses on changing the energy flow of your daily environment to help you deal with your every day problems and to succeed in your personal and professional life. We don’t always recognize when we get caught in an unproductive and energy draining routine. Thats why its crucial to take time to change the energy of your surrounding. I like to do that by redecorating on a budget.

One of the things that I love about decor is the fact that there are amazing ways to completely change the vibe of your space with quick small alterations and on small a budget.

Without following some fad or having to spend thousands of dollars in redecorating we can actually transform the whole feel of the space we occupy with just few fundamental changes. With that in mind, I usually like to focus on my bedroom. That’s one room that is somewhat stable in our lives. It is where to sleep and our unconscious mind is at most peace.

One thing you can completely change in your bedroom is its wall coloring. Colors are very important to our subconscious. They can really affect our mood and our focus.

Most of the time, our rooms are neutrally colored, white, off-white or yellow is very common for bedrooms. But I like to focus on calming yet interesting colors when I want to change the walls of my room. One of the best colors to choose from are greens and blues. My favorite is turquoise.

Turquoise as a gem is perhaps the oldest stone in our history. It is a stone of protection, but its also very soothing to an eye. It is believed that turquoise brings peace to a home and its associated with wholeness, emotional balance and serenity which is great to surround yourself with in your personal space.

You can get a great interior wall paint at home depot or at your local hardware store. Make sure to get samples before you purchase the full bottle. If you don’t want to completely color your walls but you have white canvas, you can try turquoise spray paint and have fun decorating the walls of your bedroom. Just make sure to cover or take out the furniture before you do any kind of painting.

If you have white walls and do don’t feel like changing the color completely, you can also get amazing stickers to add character to your room.

You can add these elements to your bedroom without completely disrupting your space.

If you chose to color your walls turquoise its best to color the furniture to white, silver or grey.  It will really make your room look sophisticated and elegant. All you really need to do is to remove the varnish of the old furniture so that the new paint can hold.  Don’t worry it is really simple and straightforward to change the color of your wooden furniture if  you have the right supplies. You will need a sander, sanding roll,  screw driver, cork sanding block and paint. Use the screw driver to remove the handles of the furniture and then remove the drawers. Here are the steps to follow in order to change the color of your furniture.

  1. Remove the varnish by either hand sander or electric sander. (120 grit sandpaper)

  2. If you used electric sander, finish off with a sanding block the places that are left over.

  3. To smooth everything over, switch to a 240 grit sandpaper.

  4. Wipe everything down with a damp piece of cloth until there is no sand, otherwise it might show under the new paint.

  5. Next make sure you mix your paint really well and start painting the furniture.

  6. Once you finished one coat of paint leave it to dry and do another coat of paint.

You can also paint the furniture handles which will give it an extra elegance. For handles gold or silver metallic look is the best choice.

Here are the items you need for the project.

Good luck and enjoy your space.

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