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Why I hate Moisturizers

Moisturizing is one of the fundamentals of skincare ritual. ‘Cause let’s face it no one likes dry flaky skin.

What we want is smooth and elastic complexion that naturally glows. Wouldn’t that be nice?

But skin care can be tough » CONTINUE READING

Obsessed with Oils

There are so many different hacks, gimmicks, hypes out there for how to take care of our skin. And I’m comfortable to say that I have tried about most of them.

Skincare usually involves cleaning, protecting, accentuating desirable features but » CONTINUE READING

Few Beauty Products You Should Own

Recently I have been trying to be minimalistic when it comes to beauty, skincare and even fashion.

First I started by going through all of the products I have on my shelves to see what I use every day, ones » CONTINUE READING

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