Recently I was invited to a close friends bachelorette party. As soon as the girls started talking about the deluxe rose center pieces and high end catering it became clear that it wasn’t going to be your regular, run of the mill bachelorette party where you come in with a stack of one dollar bills in your purse ready to knock down shots of tequila. No, this was definitely going to be a lavish affair just like my fabulous friend. So, I knew I had to start getting ready early.

I went into my closet and just like it happens to all of us gals much to often, “I had nothing to wear”.

I immediately started my planning. The first thing I did was to create a structure to my outfit. As usual, I started with the colors.

The colors usually determine the vibe of the event. When I pick the color I am going to wear, I think about the social circle and the environment of the party. The color almost always determines the mood.

For relaxing bachelorette parties I pick tertiary colors and warm colors. For wild and crazy bachelorette parties (think Vegas) I usually pick primary, secondary colors or cool colors.

For this party I went with monochromatic tertiary and warm colors. For example, vermillion, amber, chartreuse, teal and violet.

You can also pick neutral colors for the party depending on the company. For example, many social circles prefer soft demure colors. This types of social circles expect de rigueur attitude. And these colors imply elegance and sophistication.

Once you have picked the colors next are the items themselves. I usually like to be comfortable yet trendy for the events. That’s why for this party I went with a simple choice: jumpsuits.

Jumpsuits are great because they are easy and are a chic option for any type event. They also give length and add confidence to your strut. They can be tailored or drapey depending on your mood or comfort level.

Its important to accessorize jumpsuits with simple gold or silver jewelry. I usually go with gold jewelry because it softens the boyish nature of the jumpsuit. But I add my artistic touch with the choice of snazzy shoes.